Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 100 days of Barack Obama and the switching of party of Alan Specter make the headlines for the past few days. The first is very encouraging in term what he has already accomplished. We all agree that he has not done much yet. But, some of his promises are executed. Whether you like him or not, you just have to give him credit. What is surprising is the fact around 63% of the Americans approves his performance. Even republicans see in him the right guy for the for the jobs. Well, he just get on power and he has a lot of things ahead of him. He has been focused on having the economy moving again. For many, his economic plan would not work. But in California, the housing market is getting back on track and we have seen a little change in the stock market. These signs are very encouraging for the new president and the American people need to back him up in order to get the support he needs to get the country moving.
One interesting thing again was the move made by Alan Specter to become a democrat. Politics is a game where you have to find a way to fit yourself. Even though he said that he still gonna have the same principles, he did not mention what kind? The republican principles are kind of different of the democrats meaning you have to be more lenient toward the party you choose to be. At a time where he knows his reelection is jeopardized, no one knows yet if it will work. But, no matter what, a good politician never betrays his party for his own gain. He would have to be strong and support his party for better or worst.